Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beef Tapa & Boneless Bangus now in Figaro

YES! You read it right! There's two additional breakfast set for Figaro's All Day Breakfast! I was able to try the new new breakfast set with my friend, Jed.

Beef Tapa Supreme - P150
This breakfast set offer a very tasty fried slices of marinated beef tapa that is perfect with your choice of egg and cucumber-tomato side dish. The beff tapa is very tender and tasty, I love it!  

Marinated Boneless Bangus - P150

This Filipino classic breakfast is served by Figaro the healthy way. The boneless bangus is marinated and cooked to perfection for all seafood lovers to enjoy. Perfect with the cucumber-tomato sidings.
Breakfast will not be complete with a cup of Figaro coffee, free with every breakfast set.  

Enjoyed Breakfast the Figaro Style.

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