Thursday, November 7, 2013

KFC Crispy Butter Chicken

For only p99, you can now enjoy the newest fried chicken offering of KFC, the Crispy Butter Chicken meal.

When i first saw the ad in one of the KFC stores I pass by everyday, I thought to myself, finally I can eat a crispy chicken in KFC (because I am not a fan of hot and spicy foods).


So awhile ago, I ordered the KFC Crispy Butter Chicken meal for lunch. The meal cost 99p and comes with 1pc. Chicken (chicken part of your choice, provided it's available), butter rice, mash potato topped with corn kernels and your choice of drink (soda and juice only).

As the name states, it is CRISPY and BUTTER chicken. The chicken is marinated in and breaded with butter. The crispy skin of the chicken would show that it is indeed #BetterWithButter because of the salty and sweet flavored butter. The mash potato siding is like three spoons of mash potato then with sprinkles of corn kernels. The butter rice compliments though to the meal, making it ultimately “all-butter themed meal”.


I was not satisfied though with the meal, probably because the buttery and garlicky (if I spelled it right) taste of the chicken is not what I was expecting. For me it’s nothing special at all, just a crunchy-not-spicy chicken of KFC. I don’t even think the gravy is a fit for a sauce with the chicken.


For butter-loving persons, they might like this so give it a try.


I would still go for the Original Recipe, I like the salty chicken flavor of this recipe.