Saturday, March 30, 2013

50% off - Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf 50th Anniversary Celebration

Join in the 50th Anniversary Celebration of 

Starting April 1, 2013 you will get 50% off on Coffee Bean's famous beverages every Monday from 3pm-5pm.

Next week's featured beverages are the Mocha & Vanilla Ice Blended®.

These rich and creamy drinks were born & blended back in 1989, and have been loved by all ever since.

Get the full beverage schedule when you RSVP!


See you there!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Angel's Pizza Lenten Pizzas

The Lenten season is now here and as a tradition, and as for some believers, they go through the period of preparation of prayer, penance, and repentance and this includes abstaining from eating meat.

As the start of the Holy Week, people will now look for other variations of food they can eat, especially seafood and vegetables. Angel’s Pizza’s newest offering for the Lenten Season includes Garlic Shrimp and Margherita.

Angel’s Pizza's Garlic Shrimp is a wonderful offering specially for seafood and shrimp lovers! Pizza smothered with mozzarella cheese with shrimp surprises is a personal favorite now. The garlic kick of the pizza made it more interesting.

Prices are Medium – 329p, Family – 470p, Big Family – 556p.

Angel’s Pizza’s Margherita is a sure hit for the vegans and health conscious pizza lovers. Topped with fresh tomato and basil leaves in a bed of mozzarella cheese, this pizza creates a colourful and contrasting taste of sweet and saltines. A lot cheaper than Garlic Shrimp too!

Prices are Medium – 297p, Family – 416p, Big Family – 491p.

Both pizzas are available in thin and thick crust.

What more can you ask for?

Ever heard of buy one take on pizza?

Angel’s Double Deal all day promo is always available for you!

Buy 2 BIG FAMILY pizza for just 724p and save as much as 474p!

Buy 2 FAMILY pizza for just 550p and save as much as 390p!

This is a choice of two original hand tossed pizza valid for dine in and take out!

Check out the facebook page of Angel’s Pizza, follow them on twitter @angelspizza and on Instagram @angelspizzaph.

For orders just call 922-22-22.

Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo, a taste of heaven at your doorstep!