Friday, February 18, 2011

Rairaiken Ramen House and Sushi Bar

In the Beginning

The origin of Rai Rai Ken is rooted in Old China. The word "Rai Rai" means welcome in Chinese and Japanese, while "Ken" means restaurant. The Japanese people who developed this into an authentic fine food concept would like to show that this two words combined creates a place where we can expect to be pampered and satiated with delicious and appetizing foods.

The Menu

Rairaiken is well-known for its old fashioned steamy bowl of ramen tag as "Japan's Famous Ramen". They have a unique process for preparing this delicious dish that makes every bowl of Ramen a heartwarming experience.

Bloggers were invited to taste and enjoy Rairaiken's Ramen, just in time for their promo. I choose Chasyu Ramen (Roast Pork p195) This big bowl of Ramen soup is based on Soy Sauce or "Shoyu". This is one of the best seller. This hand pulled noodles is joined with slices of Roast Pork, menma and egg.

Chasyu Ramen (Roast Pork p195)
My second choice of Ramen would have been Seafoods Hotpot (p165), another Best Seller. This big bowl of Ramen is mixed with seafoods, fish cakes, crab sticks, mussels and tofu in sticky soup.

Seafoods Hotpot (p165)
 Besides from Ramen, Rairaiken also offer Sushi Bar, choose from the different choices of sushi like Tuna, Uni and Salmon Sashimi, California and Super California Maki, Kani Salad, Sushi Special and Sashimi Special :) The night doesn't stop there, after the hot meals come the cold desserts..

Sweets for my Sweets! There are three different flavors of Panacotta that you will enjoy after a hot bowl of Ramen. Choose between the three..

Choco Mango - Choco Panacotta topped with mango and cherry P70

Creamy Mango - Panacotta topped with fresh mango and mango puree P70

Coffee Choco - Panacotta topped with coffee jelly and chocolate syrup P70

It was indeed a heartwarming experience of enjoying the food also the company. The pictures can attest to that :)

RaiRaiken PROMO

To make it fully enjoyable and available for almost everybody, Rairaiken is slashing 50% off for all their Ramen! Amazingly good! The promo will run from Feb 18 - Mar 20, 2011. Hurry! You still have time to try! These are the list of Rairaiken Branches:

1. Harrison Plaza Village Square
2. Harbour Square CCP Complex
3. Bluewave Macapagal
4. Robinsons Galleria
5. SM City Taytay
6. Bluewave Marikina
7. SM City Sta. Rosa

Hurry! Eat now!


  1. best natakam ako sa desserts! pwede mo ba ako dalhan nun pag punta mo dito? hehehe! napalunok ako ng bigtime nung makita ko pictures lalo na ng malaman kong may mango!!! i miss mango wuhuhuhuhu! ㅠ_ㅠ

  2. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!