Monday, February 7, 2011

Hainanese Chicken and Beef Noodle Soup in Makansutra

Angel and I spent dinner in Makansutra, the Asian Food Village in Manila Ocean Park while waiting for the fireworks last February 2. This is not the first time that we ate here. Family loved the place and the food. Our dinner was light because we are not that hungry and most of the dishes that we wanted is for group :)

The Hainanese Chicken Rice (p160) is one of my fave dish and I love it in Makansutra. The chicken is well cooked and the rice is deliciously cooked in chicken broth. Below are the sauces to choose from, I think it spicy, soy sauce and ginger.

Angel ordered Beef Noodle Soup (p160) because his head is aching and he needed something hot to sip. Beef Noodle soup is his fave. The aroma of the noodle soup is enough to satisfy one's hunger. The beef is tender and the noodles they use is perfectly cooked, Al Dente! The soup is very tasty too!

Try Hainanese Chicken Rice, Beef Noodle Soup and other Asian Cuisine at Makansutra.

Makansutra Asian Food Village
Manila Ocean Park
Behind Quirino Grandstand
Luneta Park, Manila
Telephone: +63 2 567 3512
Fax: +63 2 567 3512 loc. 105

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