Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kabigting's Halo Halo

I was in Pampanga last weekend to visit a family close to my heart, Ate Gigi, Ptr. Jonjie and Jared. Ate Gigi, always surprise me with great food finds in their area. Pampanga is known to be the culinary capital of the Philippines. Their food products ranging from ordinary to exotic never fails to make a person crave for more.

Ate Gigi treated me and Ate Marie for merienda since we were still full from having lunch in Luk Foo. We checked out Marquee Mall and headed to Kabigting's Halo Halo.

Kabigting's Halo Halo (p60) originated from the town of Arayat. Kabigting's Halo Halo differs from other Halo Halo simply because of the ingredients they use for their concoction. Unlike other Halo Halo, Kabigting's only has a few ingredients. But it doesn't limit the delicious taste of the dessert. Instead of the usual, sago-gulaman-ube-monggo-nata type of Halo Halo. When you dig in you will only find corn, sweet beans and pastillas. The sweetness of this Halo Halo is very special because instead of sugar, the plain ingredients is sweetened in advance.
You might notice the whiteness of the Kabigiting's Halo Halo, this is because instead of using evap or condense milk, they use Carabao's milk for a more fine taste. The pastillas is a very delicious addition to the Halo Halo.

Love the interiors also. They have a touch of a Filipino home. The chairs and even the table no. has letter "K" as their motif. They also offer other merienda selection such as Palabok, Arrozcaldo, Dinuguan, Fresh Lumpia, Pitchi-Pitchi, Siomai, Puto and Toasted Bread. 

Kabigting's Halo Halo
Marquee Mall, Pampanga