Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crustacia Asian Bistro

I am a proud Asian and one of my favourite cuisines is a fusion of Asian dishes. I actually feasted in Crustacia before and they really serve the best buffet crabs and other Asian dishes, if I may say. I was so excited when I was invited for dinner in the newly renovated Crustacia Asian Bistro in Rockwell.

Crustacia Asian Bistro in Rockwell is newly renovated. You could clearly see the Asian feel from the lights to the chairs and almost everything about the ambiance in the place. The China inspired place is simple yet very artistic and modern; though the place looks elite you will feel comfortable because of the friendly staff and crew.

The Asian feel does not only start and end in the ambiance alone but more importantly on the menu! I became familiar with some of the dishes because I already went to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau plus my Dad loves Indian food so I know some too. The food that was served was so overwhelming that after taking pictures I hurriedly ate the lot.

I chose the Thai Ice Tea because it’s their specialty. If you have heard of Nai Cha then you will definitely like this. It’s basically tea and coffee combined with sugar or milk. This cold drink is a perfect neutralizer for the spicy, sweet and sour foods that was served.

The Appetizers

The Grand Javanese Sampler (P295). The heavy appetizer is composed of Indonesian Bread stuffed with eggs and meat curry, Spicy Anchovies (Dilis) and peanut, Indonesian Assorted crackers and Corn fritters.

The Sichuan Boiled Catfish (P395). This is one of their Seafood Spicy Pots and this is one hellofa spicy meal. If you think you’re a spicy person then i dare you try this dish. Though this is a soup dish, the soup is not meant to be sipped, you can only eat the catfish and the beansprouts.

Thai Catfish Salad (P245). This is one of my favourite among the dishes that was served that night. I think I even finished it all.  It’s not your usual salad and the crunchiness is just delicious.

The Main Dishes

Hunan Cumin Ribs (P465). Hunan cuisine is one of the regional cuisines in China and is famous for its spicy flavour and fresh aroma. I love the aroma of this spicy dish and liberal use of chilli and garlic with the cumin spice makes this dish a hefty spicy main dish.

Kepiting Masak Sauce Mentega. In English, this is Indonesian Sweet Soy and Butter Crab. I love seafoods and besides from fish I fancy CRABS. The enormous Mr. Crab got me all excited in tearing it apart and consuming it all. I love the combination of the sweet soy and butter flavour of the dish. The price depends on the weight of the crab available that you will order.

Thai Style Grilled Squid (P285). For me, grilled squid is always a must order in any restaurant if ever it is available. It’s one of the well loved seafood too. The texture and the softness of the squid is perfect, healthy too because it’s grilled.

All Meat Sate Sampler (P685). Dining experience ofcourse will not be complete if you won’t have any meat dish and this meat sates will definitely complete your dinner. The sates are grilled to perfection and for me it feels like you’re eating barbecue the Asian or other countries way in small portions.

The dining experience won’t be complete ofcourse without meeting the persons behind the meal. After the meal, we were privileged to meet the foreign Chefs, a Chef from Indonesia and Thailand. We were informed as well that most of the ingredients (spices) were imported from Indonesia and Malaysia. Like most of the dishes that was served that night, some of them were foreign cuisines.

You don’t need to go to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China just to taste and experience their dishes because Crustacia Asian Bistro is here to bring you authentic Asian dining that you and your family will surely enjoy.

Crustacia Asian Bistro
Rockwell Power Plant Mall

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