Sunday, October 2, 2011

Bizu - 10 years and more

I was invited to experience Paris in one night thru the Bizu blogger event last September 7, 2011. 

It was indeed a night to remember. French Cuisine is originated in Paris, France. The French Cuisine is also known to be European Dining; you will be served with multiple courses or meals. Paris is also known for pastries, the dessert and sweet treats that we enjoy. 

Pastries here in the Philippines are now achievable thru Bizu Patisserie

Bizu, which came from the French word Bisous meaning kiss or beso, has managed to change the pastry landscape in Manila as it introduced artisan cakes (unique, handmade, and delicately designed cakes) in personal sizes that are both appealing to the eye and the palate. It was the first patisserie to bring in cakes with modern flavors, textures and forms not yet known or experienced by many Filipinos.

 Our Le diner (dinner) consists of 3 courses. 
Our hors d'œuvre or entrée is soup and salad, 
our plat principal or main course is roast beef and 
dessert is a combination of cakes and pastries.

French Onion Soup, classic onion jus braised with balsamic vinegar, croutons, and gruyere cheese

Truffle Salad, warm mushroom with asparagus, truffle jus dressing on mesclun

10-Hour U.S. Roast Beef, slow-cooked USDA beef belly, potato gratin, grilled vegetable, horseradish and mushroom espagnole

Trio Desserts, Strawberry Chiboust, Opera Cake, and Macaron de Paris (Lemon)

During our stay in Bizu we were not only filled with delicious dishes but we were only given Kodak  Cameras. These are not digital cameras, mind you, these are manual cameras , we were asked to take pictures of the “joyful moments”. They will develop the pictures and will post it in their facebook page. The gimik is their on-going photo contest, Joie devivre Photo Contest  - a French term which means “The Joy of Living”, a photo contest that seeks to capture life’s joyful moments. Bizu, now celebrating 10 good years of joyful living , is inviting you to join and share your own captures of joyful moments.

 The rules can be found in their facebook page. Here are some of the joyful pics taken with my Kodak camera. The contest will run from August 15, 2011 until October 25, 2011, there’s still time to join! 

 Before we head home from a Paris inspired evening, we were given sweet treat to take home. Macarons de Paris was first introduced here in Manila by Bizu and since then it was a sweet  hit! I so loved the personalized note that comes with my macarons. Thank you Bizu, it was indeed a memorable night for me.

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