Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kris Aquino found true love in San Marino

The Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino recently announced her search for true love is over. After her romantic trials and tribulations Kris is now careful with every relationship that she would be involved with. She protects and takes care of her relationship specially those that involve her heart.

She boldy declares, “My search is over, I found true love in San Marino.”
“It didn’t take me a hundred years to find true love. I realized that I am surrounded by it,” explains Kris.

Kris realized that true love is not limited to romantic relationships and can also be found in the simplest thing closest to one’s heart, and in her case it’s her family and how she wanted to spend more time with them by living a full and healthy life.

Kris is now particular with the food that she eats and the product also that she endorse. Such is the reason why Kris chose San Marino Corned Tuna, it has less oil that the usual tuna flakes and has lots of tuna. . “It has Omega-3 DHA which is good for the heart, ” Kris shares.  Every 180-g can of San Marino Corned Tuna has 1,125 mg of Omega-3. Omega-3 DHA contributes to having a healthy heart as it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduces risks of heart attack and other cardio-vascular diseases.

“I believe in San Marino and what it stands for – good health beyond appearance. I find it deeply satisfying. I won’t settle for anything less than San Marino.”  Says Kris.

You too can choose to be like Kris who is health conscious by being particular with what she eats, a corned tuna that satisfy more of your nutritional needs and has the delicious taste of corned beef and the health benefits of tuna.

You too can find true love in San Marino.

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