Thursday, October 13, 2011

BenMore Scotch Whisky

Everybody loves to celebrate and celebration always comes with something to drink. I was invited to attend the launching of a new brand of Whisky that is sure to hit the bars. For some of you who still don’t know, Whisky or whiskey refers to a broad category of alcoholic beverages that are distilled from fermented grain mash and aged in wooded casks (generally oak). Different grains are used for different varieties, including barley, rye, wheat, and corn. I have tasted whisky before and I find it something not to consume on a daily basis, that’s just me. 

BenMore Four Casks Scotch Whisky is the newest whisky that is produced and distilled in Scotland; it is made by Diageo – a leader in the liquor industry. It is matured in four different types of oak casks to achieve depth and complexity to match the standards of whisky drinkers. 
The special selection of whiskies in BenMore Four Casks has been matured in four different types of oak casks namely, Sherry Casks, Bourbon Casks, Charred Casks, and Refill Casks. This deluxe Scotch whisky puts much attention to details in preparation and even in production.

  Of course, we did not only learn of the whisky, we even had a taste of BenMore Scotch Whisky! Alcohol content is 40% vol. so I give you 5 ways to drink and enjoy BenMore Whisky – Drink it straight up or on the rocks, drink it with water, with ice tea, with tonic/soda and with cola.

  We were also able to meet the BenMore brand ambassador, Borgy Manotoc. He believed in the product and the quality that BenMore gives thus making him the brand ambassador.
Both bottles bottle and box are embossed with the iconic stag that symbolizes leadership, superiority and masculinity.  

 BenMoreFour Casks Scotch Whisky is now available in the market at the very affordable price of P330-P385 per 700ml bottle.

Drink responsibly!

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