Sunday, April 24, 2011

Say Hi to Kenny's Hainanese Chicken!

Kenny Rogers Roaster, known for their Classic Roast Chicken, Corn Muffins and their scrumptious sides now introduces a new and exciting healthy dish. Throughout the years, Kenny Rogers have introduced a number of deliciously healthy dishes that people can enjoy. From hearty breakfast to satisfying sandwiches, Kenny Rogers has become a healthy place to dine in.

Kenny Rogers has also become the authority and innovator when it comes to delicious healthy eating. I eat Kenny’s Low Calorie Meal, that’s Grilled Fish, Steamed Veggies, Garlic Rice and Ice Tea. They also have high protein and high fiber meal thru their classic roast chicken.

I was invited to Kenny’s Bloggers Night last week to witness the unveiling of their newest healthy and delicious meal and dessert.

Aside from the new meal, we were able to meet two of Kenny's brand ambassadors, Athletes Phil Younghusband and Professional Triathlete Mica Tantuico. The other two brand ambassadors that is absent that night was James Younghusband and Champion Surfer Lorraine Lapus. These individuals are known for their disciple and passion for their respective sports and lead a healthy life, that why they choose Kenny.

Say hi to Hainanese Chicken! 

You don’t need to go to Singapore just to get a taste of this hainanese meal. Kenny’s Hainanese Chicken (p185) meal includes Chicken, 3 sauces (chili, ginger, and soy), chicken broth soup, & hainanese rice.

The hainanese chicken is gently poached and is very tender. I love the chicken with the ginger and soy sauce on top. The hainanese rice is made with chicken stock with garlic on top. I love the hainanese rice is best with the soup.

The meal wouldn’t be complete of course without dessert. Kenny is very proud to present their new dessert, Frozen Yoghurt (p35S/ p55L). It’s the perfect combination of the unique tanginess of yoghurt and creaminess of ice cream.  I love Kenny’s Frozen Yoghurt, the taste and texture is perfect! There are 4 toppings available, mixed fruits, mango, graham crackers and brownie bits. I personally love mango and brownie bits on my yoghurt – perfect combination!

I am already craving for Frozen Yoghurt! Okay, for more info, you can check out or like Kenny Roger’s Facebook page.

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