Thursday, April 21, 2011

Magnolia Frozen Delights this Summer!

I can finally feel summer! The scorching heat of the sun is the one thing that makes us all thirsts for something cold and delightfully sweet! 

Good thing Magnolia is back with their newest line of Frozen Delights!

I was invited to attend the Magnolia Ice Cream Blogger’s Party! The party served a sumptuous dinner with Lechon. The guests were informed of the new line of Frozen Delights that Magnolia offers thru the Magnolia beginnings video and the talk by Mr. Mayo, the General Manager.

Indulge in the following Magnolia Frozen Delights!

Spinner, 110ml Ice Cream Cone that comes in Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor topped with nuts! A personal favorite since I love eating Ice Cream in cones!

Fun Bar, 65ml Ice Cream Stick that comes in 3 flavors, Cool Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, and Choco Loco Perfect for the kids and kids at heart. This Ice Cream Stick comes with a surprise in every bar!

Sweetie Bites, 65ml Ice Cream Stick that comes in 2 special flavors, Cookie Craze and Cheesy Bites. 

Popsies, 70ml Ice Lolly that comes in 2 cool flavors, Choco Cool and Orang Chill. It’s very easy to eat! The lolly slides easily in your mouth together with the sweet flavor!

Pinipig Crunch, 65ml Ice Cream Stick that comes in 2 classic flavors, Vanilla Crisp and Sweetcorn. These favlors unique only to Magnolia Ice Cream is made special with rice crispies on top!

The bloggers enjoyed the raffle, contests, photobooth, overflowing drinks and ice cream! And no one went home without Ice Cream on hand. The bloggers were given each a bag full of Magnolia Frozen Delights to share with the whole family!