Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mexican Kitchen: More than Burritos and Tacos

I am excited to tell you that I have been to Mexico for one night, when I tried the dishes that was offered at B&T Mexican Kitchen. The Mexican Cuisine for me and the family is not a usual place to hang out and have dinner with. For one we have this thinking that all mexican food is spicy and has weird taste. But now, I have told and proven them that it's not.

The place is cozy and perfect for just hanging out and just stopping by for a quick snack. I love the colors inside and the interior is simple yet friendly. The mirror in front of the store gives you quick access to view the inside of the store.

Mexican Cuisine is known for their varied flavors and spices, and colorful decoration. When i told you that this Mexican Kitchen is more than just Burritos and Tacos, I am not kidding. Together with some bloggers, I was invited to taste Mexico in B&T Mexican Kitchen

The first on the table: Mexican Pizza

Mexican Chipotle Chicken Pizza (p450)
Mexican Franks Pizza (p450)
 What seems to be unique with the pizza that they serve is that, the reason why is deliciously thin crust pizza is because they use pita bread and not just an ordinary pizza bread. I love the crispiness of the pita bread, the toppings are just a bonus for me. 

Soft , Crispy, Tostada Tacos and Nachos!

Fish Soft Taco (p330)
Al Pastor Tostada (p320)
Ball Park Nachos (p255)
 This traditional mexican dish offer a variety of fillings, including beef, chicken, seafood, vegetable and cheese. When you order at B&T, it comes in 3pcs, crispy/soft and corn tortilla and your choice of fajitas, steak, chicken, fish and shrimp

Wet and Frito Burrito!

 Choosing your order is like eating everything on the table all at the same time. It's hard, specially if you like everything. In B&T you can choose what type of Burrito you want. The Carnitas Wet Burrito that we ordered cost p410, the Shrimp Japanese Burrito is p350. In ordering, choose what burrito you want and then the filling. The traditional Burrito in Mexico is consist of beans, rice and meat. In B&T, in addition to those three you can choose between steak, chicken, fish or shrimp plus salad. Yumm.

Mexican Sandwich and more!

Carne Asada Torta (p315)
Torta De Al Pastor (p310)
Chicken Mole Meal (p320)
Mexican Dishes is not really known for sandwiches, but you will be surprise how B&T came up with a mexican inspired sandwich for lovers of bread. They have steak and pork sandwich and their unique team up here is instead of using fries to go with the sandwich, they used sweet potato fries. I LOVE the sweet potato fries, the sweetness goes soo well with your sandwich!

Save the best for last, as what they say. The last dish that was served is the best of them all. Chicken Mole Meal consists of 26 variety of ingredients including chocolate. Yes, Chocolate! If you look at it, you will think it's more like a Dinuguan, but the moment you smell, it's really chocolate with a whip of spice! The Chicken Mole Meal is only being served at B&T and to no other resto in the country. I enjoyed it, I have not tasted anything like that before and I suggest that you try Chicken Mole Meal, if you will be eating at B&T.

I enjoyed Mexico that night thru the dishes that was served and most specially because of the warmth welcome of one of the owner, Mr. Eric Tan (who's an IronMan fan) that's why Ironman was there with us :) It really shows that Mr. Tan loves to entertain people, and is hands on when it comes to customers. B&T Mexican is truly labor of love. 

Burritos & Tacos Mexican Kitchen
Address: G/F 368 Sekai Center, 
Ortigas Corner Madison Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan. 

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