Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Patio Carlito and WhiteHouse on the 84th

Filipino Food for me is one of the best cuisines there is. It is everybody’s comfort food and I’m always excited to try out new Filipino dishes. Leftover rice can still be fried the next morning and the leftover adobo can magically be another new dish for the next meal. I love how the Filipinos turn something into a whole new thing, you can always count on how resourceful and creative they are.

Patio Carlito, a house turned restaurant is another new invention in the Filipino cuisine scene. What was once a family house owned by Governor Barretto of Zambales, is now a home of Filipino comfort food. The posh and stylish restaurant is another concept by The Red Crab Group of Restaurants. I was not able to take good pictures of the place because there was an event, the night I was invited to taste their delectable dishes, but I can tell that the place is no ordinary restaurant. The place has the vintage feel that can be seen thru its walls, lighting, wall decors and even the pictures here and there. The house turned bistro also has its parts now used as private function rooms, such as TV Room, Piano Room and the Bar Room. 

During our bloggers dinner, we stayed in the Bar Room which has glass walls that overlooks the bar or the WhiteHouse on the 84th – the adjoining bar during evenings.
I have never seen so many Filipino dishes that night, and I couldn’t have guessed how chef and the rest of the kitchen staff prepared so mouth-watering dishes for us. Prepare to feast your eyes on what was served to us during that night.

For starters, we had a tasty feast for appetizers. The finger foods served that night can already be a main dish too, well it's actually a main dish but I would recommend it as appetizer too! The two lumpia dishes is very light and a good starter before heavy meals.

Lumpia Puches - (p198)

Lumpiang Fish and Chips - (p235)
There were two dishes that has broth, the Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso (p435) and the Chicken Binakol (p235). The binakol is the usual dish cooked in coconut milk, while I love the modern sinigang that now uses milkfish instead of the usual salmon. The miso broth made the dish very delicious too!
Sinigang na Bangus Tinapa sa Miso - (p435)
Chicken Binakol - (p235)

 They served a wide array of meat dishes that made me so hard to choose where to start! There were meat dishes that stand alone, while there are other that needs the help of veggies to make it more tempting not only to the looks but also to the taste!

Burong Baboy at Longganisa Candaba Platter - (p355)
Pato Binondo - (p485)
Lechon Baka ni Mayor - (p265)
Adobong Kangkong with Crispy Cuchinillo Strips - (p169)
Cuchifrito - (p269)
Crunchy Tapa - (p279
Chicken Adobo Wings - (p198)
 The favorite of the crowd among the wide array of meat is the Cuchifrito, it's a fried food principally of pork, and is so much similar to chicharon. It's like a smaller version of crispy pata. The gracy sauce is a perfect fit. It's also one of the best sellers of Patio. If you are looking for white meat, Pato Binondo is the the answer to your cravings, it is marinated roasted duck, the lightness and tenderness of the meat won't make you feel full even if you finish the whole dish.

Binagoongan Fried Rice - (p85)

Classic Adobo Rice with Crispy Adobo Flakes - (p85)
 Of course, the meals wouldn't be complete without the rice! We are accustomed to white and plain rice that sometimes we forget how delicious and tasty our rice can get once we bring some flavor in it. We were given two rice dishes that night, Binagoongan Fried Rice and Classic Adobo Rice with crispy adobo flakes. I personally love the Adobo rice, for the simple reason that I love Adobo.

Malou's Sinuglaw - (p265)
Baby Vegetables Pakbet - (p229)
Rellenong Sugpo - (p265)
After the meaty and hearty meals, we were treated to a dessert never before seen, erm, tasted by my taste buds. I super love the frozen brazo, it's not too sweet but very addicting!

Fried Suman and Tsokolate Batirol - (p145)
Frozen Brazo de Mercedez - (p255)

It was truly a gastronomic night for all of us. I super enjoyed the dishes that was served. Patio Carlito is not your usual Filipino dining place, you must try and experience the Old Manila Bistro and be nostalgic about the past and enjoy the rich heritage of our own Filipino Cuisine.

Patio Carlito and WhiteHouse on the 84th
84 Sct Tuazon St., cor Eugenio Lopez and Mother Ignacia Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City.
Telephone Number: 352.7140
10am – 9pm (Monday to Sunday)

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