Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Papa John's Pizza now in the Philippines!

Angel’s family and I were looking for a place to dine, one Sunday evening. We passed by Galleria and I told them that I wanted to try Papa John’s Pizza because of the good things I have been hearing about it, too bad though we are going to Megamall.

When we arrived to Megamall, it was to my surprised that they already opened Papa John’s there. So problem solved. We were of course in line because of the several people who want to also eat at Papa John’s. The place is a bit small and “masikip” children can’t really run around the area.

 Papa John’s Pizza, the third largest pizza chain in the world with 3,500 restaurants in the United States and Philippines is the second country in Asia where Papa John’s Pizza is present, the first being Malaysia.


 We didn’t order much; we just wanted to try their pizza. I say that when the Pepperoni Pizza is good, then their pizza is good. So we just ordered their Pepperoni Pizza, together with a pasta and 2 finger food. 

Cream of Mushroom (p49)

Pasta Bolognese with Meatballs (195) - we were told that this is their pasta specialty. The serving is for one person only. This applies to all their pasta too.

Potato Wedges (p90) - a bit expensive for a single serving side item, nothing special. The sauce is different though as you can choose either garlic sauce or pizza sauce.

Chicken Strips (p169) 4 pcs. - white chicken breast fillet with you choice of dipping too.

You might be surprised, the pizza comes in with Garlic Butter Sauce and Pepperoncini or the jalapeno. This is eating pizza, the Papa John's way. You may bite the pepperoncini first before the pizza or the other way around. I like dipping my crust in the butter sauce. Awesome.
Classic Pepperoni (290p small) - The pizza has a generous amount of pepperoni slices and the chewy thick crust tastes really good. It has a distinct flavor I can't quite explain.
Their tagline "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza" really shows in their food servings. The dough used for their hand-tossed original crust is prepared with finest ingredients such as high-protein flour and clear-filtered water.  The secret on their special sauce is that it is all natural! It's made from fresh-packed tomatoes, not from concentrated

I enjoyed Papa John's Pizza! I will definitely go back to try other pizza, specially the Ultimate Super Papa's! 

Papa John's Pizza
Bldg A, SM Megamall
Papa John's Pizza Facebook


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