Sunday, December 26, 2010

Starbucks Tagaytay

After our bulalo dinner at Green ATS Bulalohan, we decided to get some caffeine first before heading home. We arrived at Starbucks Tagaytay by 12mn and lo and behold, it was like a lotto outlet. We had a hard time getting seats for we are six and getting two seats is already a challenge.. to think its already midnight! 


We were treated to a very delicious Lemon Square dessert, a gift from my dear friend Dax. I don't know the right term, but it's delicious, its so lemony without the feeling of being sour. It just tastes right. Yummm! My friends loved it and they even ordered 3 more boxes on our way back. 
1 box has 16 lemon squares and cost p220. 
My Tall Signature Hot Choco is perfect for the weather and the Lemon Square.

I treasure conversation with dear friends over a cup of hot coffee and in my case this time, over a cup of hot choco. I enjoyed our Tagaytay getaway, and i'm looking forward for more!


  1. are those lemon squares from purple oven? they're the ones who supply Starbucks their pastries.

  2. Nope, baked yan ng friend ko :) mas masarap sa Purple Oven, gusto niyo ba ng Choco Lava cake from Purple Oven, magdadala ako sa New Year :) Sana makabili ako..

  3. cathie, kahapon ko naubos. hahaha! 3 lang kami sa bahay ngayon kayo ako lang ang kumain talaga., habang tumatagal tumatamis.. :-D hinog na siguro yung lemon., hahahaha! ang saarap!
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  4. Eve! Ako nga may isa pa eh, savoring the lemon! haha!