Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Delights @ Figaro

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you thought of buying gifts already for Christmas? If not then you might want to check out the Christmas Delights offered by Figaro Coffee Company.

For your sweet tooth friends, you have three pastries to choose from!

Raisin Short Bread Cookie (P115) – a delectable combination of butter, raisins and delicious Danish cookie baked to perfection. An ideal combination with hot brewed coffee.

Cream Cheese Brownie (P159) – Soft and chewy melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownie with swirls of yummy cream cheese toppings.

Ambrosia Fruit Bar (P159) – A delicious baked goodie made of assorted glazed fruits and molasses create this heavenly delight.

You can also buy the two brownie/bar in one box, half cream cheese and half ambrosia fruit bar for only P159. (picture above)

For your coffee lover friends, let them dig this:

Gift Set: Selling Beans and Mug – Why give only the beans when you can also give 549the mug, this combo set comes in 9 coffee beans to choose from.
House Reserve – P499
Metro Blend – P425
Country Blend –P425
French Roast – P445
Arabica – P445
Decaf – P549
Barako Blend – P445
Butterscotch – P415
Hazelnut – P415

But if they just need the mug then give them this special mug from Figaro. Figaro Special Mug (P209) lets them drink and enjoy their coffee and also their mug, literally. When you place a hot beverage on the once plain black mug, a hidden design will be revealed.

Visit your neareast Figaro Coffee branch now and don’t miss out on these special treats only by Figaro Coffee Company.


  1. Ang sarap ng All Day Breakfast sa Figaro noh

  2. Super! I like the Gourmet Tuyo and Longganisa ;p