Sunday, December 26, 2010

Green ATS Bulalohan in Tagaytay

Before Christmas, some friends and I decided to go to Tagaytay and just have dinner and chill out to destress! Angel and I brought them to Green ATS, this is our fave bulalo place in Tagaytay.

The view is overlooking Taal Lake, but at the moment we can't see because it's already an hour before midnight. The wind was crazy! It was sooo cold, hindi lang halata sa mga smiles namin. Haha!

Special Bulalo - the meat is so tender and the soup alone is a stand out! 
Fried Tawilis - The crispiness of Tawilis is a perfect match to the Bulalo. Yummm!
Chopseuy - The tasty chopseuy balanced our meal.
Hot Sizzling Squid - best eat while its still hot, the squid is pefect, hindi siya makunat.

Every order is good for 2-3 persons already and the would serve the rice in a big bowl already, just tell them how many cups (1 cup per person). The hot soup of the bulalo is perfect for the cold weather. You just have to eat the food fast because madaling lumamig.The ambience is perfect for a lunch or dinner date, and even for family gathering. Green ATS Bulalohan is open 24 hours. They serve beers also that's why there are more people at night because the place turned out to be a chillax place after dinner. They have wide space for parking also. Prices to follow, i lost the receipt ;p

Green ATS Bulalohan is along Aguinaldo Hi-way and is located right after Bag of Beans (coming from Sta. Rosa).

PS: Pics courtesy of Kay! Thanks Best!

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