Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Yellow Cab is all Fresh and Natural

 In line with a decade of celebration of great pizza, Yellow Cab invited bloggers and introduced Fonterra Brands Philippines, Yellow Cab’s source of dairy products that they include in their great pizza and pasta. 

Fonterra Brands Philippines, is the name behind Anchor, Anlene and Anmum – among others. There were two chefs from Fonterra that was invited to give a little talk about their products and their service to Yellow Cab. The dairy that Fonterra has like the Cheese, Milk/Cream, and Butter are on of the all fresh and natural ingredients in Yellow Cab’s pizza and pasta. I learned the different kind of cheese and I somehow picked up how to make cheese, the natural way.

 My family uses Anchor Butter all the time and it’s perfect with the dishes mom prepares for us. We grew up with Anchor Butter in our fridge. And now that Anchor has culinary cream, my mom will definitely enjoy preparing food for us because of the wide us of cream.We were told that the cheese used in Yellow Cab's Pizza is from Fonterra also. 

The night of course will not be prefect without having a taste of Yellow Cab’s signature dishes from pizza to pasta. The table was filled with pizza and it was such a feast! 

Yellow Cab also gave us the chance to visit the kitchen, watch how to prepare a Four Season Pizza and also gave us the opportunity to make our very own pizza! I will blog about it on a different post. For the meantime, enjoy the pizzas!

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