Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Republic Of Cavite - A Taste of History

Filipino Food is on my top list of cuisine that never fails to comfort me. If you were to ask me, I would rather go home and eat my fave dinuguan or hot soup of sinigang than lavish myself in a posh restaurant or buffet. I recently got invited to taste the Caviteño's cuisine and the dishes that they are most proud of.

We visited Republic of Cavite, a restaurant inspired by the history of Cavite. The owner, Mrs. Cecilia Del Rosario Pacumio or best know as Mama Cely offers authentic Caviteño's cuisine inherited from the family like Adobong Caviteño, Onde Onde, Paborito ni Emilio, Lihim ni Lola, Republic Buchi and Lihim ni Aguinaldo. The half day did not only fill our minds with new things about Cavite, but also our tummies for the rich taste of Cavite.

Authentic Caviteño's Cuisine - the following is a fusion of dishes with a distinctive Caviteño taste separating the ROC apart from the rest of the food industry in the province.

Crispy Binagoongang Baboy - I dont usually eat this dish because I think it's only for pulutan but when I tasted the dish, I loved it already.
Kilawing Caviteño - another spicy dish that is uniquely Caviteño
Pork Babecue with Peanut Sauce
Cavite Express - in it's simpler form is Ginataang Langka, but the twist to this recipe is the use of "Kalumbahin", a variety of coconut that produces a sweet and sumptous taste of coconut milk. Warning: Very Spicy in a very delicious way.

Republic Chicken Barbecue with Peanut Sauce
Grilled Chicken Sinampalukan - a variation to this traditional Filipino dish is made by marinating the chicken with ROC's secrete sampaloc sauce then grilling it to perfection and serving with sampaloc vinegar.
Sizzling Crispy Dinuguan - a personal fave, it was really not sizzling when it was served to us but this dish is uniquely combine with very crispy bite size pork and chicharon!

The Kare-Kare -  is special, because as you can see the only partner of the vegetables besides from the soup, is the crispy pata. Sinfully good

Sinanglay na Pla-Pla - a known Bicol dish wrapped in pechay and simmered in coconut milk.This is one of my fave, it's not that spicy and you can really taste the goodness of the fish inside that absorbed the milk.

DESSERTS on the table.

Onde-Onde - it's delicacy similar to Pichi Pichi but with flavored filling!
Lihim ni Lola - you may think that its a regular rice pudding, but when you look closely its a violet rice cake the sweetess with filling.
Pritong Halo Halo w/ Ube - the halo halo ingredients are all into one lumpia wrapper and fried. Yummy!

  The best thing about the restaurant is its wide array of native delicacies that are unique and really delicious as they are prepared with original recipes. The experience of taste of the unique dishes is something that would make you comeback for more.

Republic of Cavite Restaurant
City Hall Road, Brgy. San Agustin
Trece Martires City, Cavite
(046) 419-0103
(046) 437-6055
(046) 437-8501

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