Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Yogurt Nation @ The Fort

Yogurt is not only best during summer, I also like Yogurt even in rainy season. Yogurt is actually for all seasons! We recently trooped down Global City and tried not only their yogurt but also some of their best dishes in The Lounge. 

There were two tables set up for bloggers. We were served some of their best main dishes. The pictures below are the only food that was served on our table.

YN's Club, p175

Roma's Chop

Fish Fingers

The Lounge cafe and bar is a three-story building. The ground floor holds Yogurt Nation, second floor would be The Lounge and third floor is the bar area, where you can dance til you drop. The idea is, when you and your friends go "clubbing" or "partying" at the third floor, then you get hungry.. you can just go down at the second floor and grab a sandwich or pasta. Then if you wishes to get desert, head down to the ground floor for Yogurt (mmm).

Yogurt Nation have 6 basic flavors, Original, Cranberry, Melon, Ube, Strawberry and Mango. What i like about YN is that, their yogurt is already arrange with their best partner. The 3 pairs of yogurt is the best possible and delicious combination of their yogurts.

Getting your yogurt is very easy, pick your cup, choose your flavor, add a kick of topping/s then wigh and pay! Besides from their usual chocholate, fruits nd cereal toppings they have a new option for your yogurt, they call it Razzle Dazzle, they will just simple mix your yogurt and your toppings, it will cost you P12. 

Yogurt Nation costs P23/oz and comes in 2 sizes -- small (4oz++) and big (7 oz++)

I find YN's yogurt smooth and creamy, I had melon for the first time and it was awesome! My first pair actually was Strawberry & Mango. The tanginess in strawberry is yum! 
They offer "free taste" if you would like to try first the yogurts you can get this mini cup and decide what yogurt to get. 

Happy Bloggers after the feast

With owner Jeff Chua

I did not only like their Yogurt, love their mels too and I also want to try their pasta. Even their ambiance is perfect for a yuppie like me.  Will definitely go back there! More pics here! =)

Yogurt Nation
1D and 2D The Sapphire Residences
Ground Floor, 31st St. corner 2nd Ave., Crescent Park West,
Bonifacio Global City

Yogurt Nation's Facebook



  1. wow. yummy photos! :) pahiram pala ako ng 1 pic from your Picasa album, ipost ko sa facebook wall ko ha? :)

    anyway i added ur link to http://www.foodtrip.info/ :)

  2. Seems to be the biggest yogurt place in Manila :)