Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NomNom Club's 1st Anniversary Meetup

Happy 1st Anniversary NomNom Club!

Last saturday, the foodie members of the club meet for the first time to celebrate the  club's year of delicious event and delightful success! There were a lot of prizes (which I wasn't able to take a picture of) and almost every minute there's a raffle!

We munched on the new pasta meals of Greenwich ( food sponsor for the event). I specially love their Sausage Macaroni. Below are some of the pics of what was served :)

Bacon Chicken Carbonara 

Sausage Macaroni 

Lasagna Supreme
 G4 Pizza
Shrimp and Garlic Pizza
Philly Cheesestake Pizza
Hungarian Sausage Pizza

Jonel giving us a little introduction :)
with Greenwich Marketing contact, Jenn Velasco. 
Happy and busog nomnom smiles :D   

Congratulations! NomNom Club!!! We wish you more years of delicious events and delightful success!  Check out more pictures here.

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  1. Cathy, thanks for coming and helping in the registration of NomNom Club 1st anniversary. <3