Saturday, August 21, 2010

XO Kitchen: A New Chinese Delicacy

I love Chinese Food! I grew up eating yangchow rice, dimsum and dumplings! So when Az, invited me to eat and review a new chinese resto in Makati I immediately said YES!

XO Kitchen is the new Chinese delicacy in Makati. It was named XO because of their homemade XO Sauce. If you still don't know what XO is, its a spicy seafood sauce used in Chinese cuisines. Its made up of roughly chopped dried seafoods, such as scallop, dried fish, and shrimp that has been cooked with chili, onion, garlic and oil. The XO Kitchen started accepting catering services from friends and relatives, then later on opened a resto in Makati.

The Menu holds shows various dishes from Pork, Chicken, Beef, Noodles/Soup, Rice, Vegetables and even Desserts :) Here's a peek to what was served to us that night.

There were two kinds of Buchi that was served, the first one is Sesame Ball with Almond Milk (p80) and the second one is the usual Buchi (p60), both are stuffed with black sesame.

YangChow Fried Rice (p120) - my fave, I find it so tasty
Seafood Fried Rice with Shrimp Paste (p120) - nothing special for me
Fish with Mango (p230) - this is the first time I tried eating Fish Fillet with Mango and it's surprisingly good.

XO Kitchen Beef Special (p230) - I like the way the beef is flavored, veering away from the usual beef w/broccoli

3 Cup Chicken (p220) - a new kitchen dish that I suggest you try, the taste is a product of how they cook the chicken. In China, they use 3 cups to for sauces in cooking dishes

Prawn with Special Sauce (p180) - what makes this simple dish special is because of the home made Mayo sauce

Noodle with Clams in XO Sauce (p140) - yes they have pasta, for non rice lovers. One of the many dishes that use XO Sauce as an ingredient

Steamed 3 Kinds Egg (p100) - they actually have an Egg section in their menu and this dish is among the three that they serve. It consist of three eggs, chicken egg that was scrambled and actually tasted tofu, century egg, hidden somewhere inside, and the duck egg which I didn't encounter at all.

Pork Shrimp Siomai (p180)

Fried Shrimp Wanton (p85)

Fried Mantao (p60) - I mistakenly thought it was cuapao. I like this dessert, the bread is crunchy, the condense milk is a perfect balance.

OVERALL: The food is really delicious! It's a nice veer away from the usual Chinese restaurants around the metro.The food prices for the ala carte are all good for 2-3 persons sharing.

XO Kitchen has limited parking nga lang but has wifi :)
134 Jupiter st. Bel Air 2, Makati Ciry
Check out their Facebook.


  1. wow! I also love chinese food. masarap din pag eat all you can! hehehe :P

  2. yummy lahat!walang chicken rice or duck rice? sayang...

  3. oooh....looks yummy! i love chinese food but when i eat it i get all bloated and itchy.

  4. the food looks soooo GOOD! they simply makes me hungry!!!

    did you try bird nest soup? it is one of the chinese delicacies as well. i tried one last year from like . Tastes really good...