Saturday, July 31, 2010

Yoggle Yogurt, Giggle Giggle

It's the Yogurt that makes you giggle, YOGGLE. Though pronounced as Yaggle, this yogurt is as unique as it's name.

The homey feel of the store inside, would make one stay and frequent the place.

I was invited to try out not one, not two but 8 different flavors of Yoggle Yogurt. I was only able to try out 4/8.

Tried out Strawberry (i wouldn't miss it for the world), Mocha Capuccino, Watermelon, and Banana! The rest that I wasn't able to try: Kiwi, Taro (which is their best seller) Plain Tart and Vanilla. The fruit flavored yogurts are must try. For those na wala sa list ang kanilang favorite fruits don't worry, they change flavors every two weeks (if 'im not mistaken).

The toppings were endless, from fruits to chocolates, to cookies, to flakes, to marshmallows! What's best and unique about Yoggle, you get to put it all on your cup! YES! You can mix two or three, or even all yogurt flavors and all the toppings you want! Just be ready for how it weighs :)

Thanks Richard for the invite! Successful and yummy event, looking forward to the next :) you can visit Yoggle Yogurt here: RONAC Building.Ortigas Avenue.Corner Santolan. You can also check out their FACEBOOK.

PS. photos taken from Yoggle Facebook Photos :)

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