Thursday, July 3, 2014

KFC Breakfast Buffet

For all weekends of July, KFC will offer unlimited breakfast in selected KFC stores. 

No unlimited serving of KFC bucket and coleslaw but indulge in the unlimited serving of Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Longganisa, Tocino, Chicken Fillet with Steak Sauce (i love this!), Egg, Garlic Rice , Arrozcaldo and more! 

KFC' breakfast buffet is 199p per adult and 99p per child between 3-4 feet in height. Below 3 feet is FREE! 

Advance reservation is needed. Buy your tickets at the nearest KFC Buffet participating store near you. Breakfast buffet starts at 730am up to 10am on all weekends of July! 

Participating Stores are:
KFC Eastwood
KFC Congressional
KFC Jupiter 
KFC San Pablo
KFC Edsa Central 
KFC St. Joseph
KFC Tagaytay
KFC Vito Cruz

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