Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Angel's Pizza Chicken Parmigiana

Angel's Pizza is not new to the Chinese na Matakaw blog, i've had several post about their pizza including their Lenten Special and Heart-Shaped pizzas. We even had Angel's Pizza for cocktails during our #AngelsWedding!

Now Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo recently launched another pizza flavor that is sure to make your taste buds wanting for more.

Introducing Angel's Pizza's Chicken Parmigiana.

Parmigiana, an Italian dish that consist of a sliced filling layered with cheese and tomato sauce is now a well loved dish, developed and popularized in other countries. Angel's Pizza's idea of making it a pizza flavor is a great variation and addition to their delightful pizza flavor choices.

It's Chicken and Pizza all in one! The newest flavor of pizza combines the chunky chicken bits and the rich and creamy cheese bed into one delicious and hearty meal.

The scattered chunky chicken bits, green bell pepper and tomato slices is what makes this beauty not only eye catching but mouth-watering also. This would also taste different from the other pizza flavors because of the Culinary cream used and two types of cheese: Cheddar and Mozarella. Something special, right?

Like almost all Angel's Pizza, the Chicken Parmigiana comes in two forms, the Thin Crust and the Thick Crust. I always loved thin crust pizza, specially the burnt crisp edges! Having tried the two forms of crust, I loved the thick crust this time. The thick crust or hand tossed pizza is actually an Angel's Pizza asset. The dough is something the customers loved. (I can attest to this!)

We are the forever endorser of Angel's Pizza :)

Speaking of endorser, why not be an endorser yourself by availing the Angel's Pizza Club Card. For only 299p you not only get to be part of Angel's Pizza Club, but you can also avail of the following perks:

Buy 1 pizza Take 1 pizza free any time, any day (available only for Family and Big Family sizes only)
25% discount on all pizza purchase
Free 1 medium pizza (Angel's Aloha or Angel's Bacon & Cheese) on your birthday.

It was Angel's Pizza that pioneered the Buy One Take One pizza and just so you know their Buy One Take One promo is very flexible. You get to choose your "buy one pizza" and choose another one "take one pizza".. And, you even have two choices for the size! It sure is a treat!

Dial in now for delivery 922-22-22. Watch out for the launching of their online delivery via their website www.angelspizza.com.ph, and don't forget to like their Facebook Page for promos and follow them in Instagram and Twitter for more information.

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
"A Taste of Heaven at your Doorstep!"

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