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Sweet Gastronomic Experience at Sweet Bella Cafe

The success of the 1st Sweet Bella Café store led to another soon to be successful 2nd store in Greenbelt 5.

Sweet Bella Café owner, Cristina Santiago-Rivera (daughter of Melo Santiago, renowned restaurateur behind Melo’s Steakhouse) cooks up additional dishes in her menu for the 2nd store in Greenbelt 5.

The menu offers a gastronomic experience from start to finish. Let me show you what I’m talking about. 

Before I could even sit down an attendant came up to me and ask what I would like to drink. Normally I would just drink water or iced tea or whatever soda available, but ofcourse being a French fine dining that Sweet Bella is, we were offered a different drink that night. We were offered cocktails instead.

Grape and Lychee Mojito
Vodka Watermelon
I chose the cool looking Grape and Lychee Mojito. This refreshing drink is a mixture of Lychee, Lime, Grapes with a speck of rum.

The Appetizers

Over the course of time where I find myself always eating out, I find appetizers very important. Simply because they prepare you for something grand and tasty. Appetizers are stimulants also and it is the first important portion of the meal that you will remember.

I was so glad that they served Oysters for appetizer. We were served with three Oyster dishes.

Fresh Oysters (P395)
You can never go wrong with Fresh Oysters. ‘Nuff said.

Baked Osyter with Champagne Sauce (P395)
This is my favourite, because of the solid champagne sauce that I have not yet tasted before. The béchamel sauce is a perfect complement to the oyster itself.

Osyter Rockefeller (395)
Classic but still a traditional Oyster dish not to miss!

Gambas Ajillo (P270)
Apart from the Oyster, another seafood love was served, Shrimps!

The Shrimp appetizer comes with Focaccia Bread. The soft and tasty shrimp was wiped out in an instant leaving the oil for dipping. The Focaccia bread dipped in the Gambas oil was very appetizing.

Here comes the Main Course

In my Sweet Bella beginnings blog post, I mentioned that Cristina “Tintin” Santiago-Rivera is the daughter of Melo Santiago, of Melo’s Steakhouse. The first Sweet Bella Café in The Fort only serves dessert, gourmet sandwiches and some pasta. Tintin decided to go full blow with the second Sweet Bella Café in Greenbelt that’s why their Main Course offers, her father’s specialty – Steaks.

Wagyu Ribeye Steak (p995)
We, ofcourse enjoyed our own shared of the infamous Wagyu Ribeye Steak. This is paired with mashed potato perfect with the juicy and tender steak you can ever find.

If you are a rice person, this is a treat for you! They also serve Wagyu Rice, it’s like their version of fried rice cooked in wagyu’s own oil with fats and all.

Chilean Sea Bass (P1050)
Going back to seafoods, they also served us with Chilean Sea bass. The soft and creamy fish dish is a supple break from meat and is perfect with the oven cooked vegetables on the side.

Ah, Pasta!

Two very different and delicious pastas were served; it’s a new pasta dish unique to Sweet Bella. In fact, it’s the first time I tried a pasta dish as such.

Capellini Pomodoro e Salsa Verde (p395)
This angel hair pasta combines pesto, truffle and pomodoro sauce in a distinctive pasta dish with thin slices of deeply fried caramelized eggplant.

Gamberetto Pasta (P395)
This one of a kind pasta is sure to win your heart literally and figuratively. Between the two, I love this thick and creamy shrimp bisque cream sauce linguine pasta. Very delicious and full of flavour.

Move over, Dessert is here!

I just have to make another post for desserts because I always find it very special. But take a peek at the cakes that knocked everyone over because of the perfect and right flavour.

Mi Camille (P295)

Chocolata (P220)
 Every chocolate, every cake is unique in flavor and taste. One more thing unique about the Sweet Bella cakes is that, all cakes are served with the Sweet Bella trademark: an edible pink and yellow butterfly, very pleasing and appetizing to the eyes.

The Pearl (P295)
Strawberry Charlotte (P1700)
You can never get enough sweetness when you're in Sweet Bella Cafe. Another exceptional offering of Sweet Bella is their Hot Belgian Chocolate. This sweet and hot offering is very suitable at any time of the day. 

Sweet Bella Cafe offers more than just dessert. With it's very tempting appetizers to their satisfying desserts, you would surely enjoy your experience in Sweet Bella Cafe. 

Visit Sweet Bella Café at Burgos Circle, The Fort and Greenbelt 5, Makati.

You may also follow them on Twitter @sweetbellacafe and like their Facebook page.

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