Saturday, November 17, 2012

REYES BARBECUE Opens 2 stores at Robinsons Magnolia and Festival Mall

Reyes Barbecue recently opened two new stores at the Robinsons Magnolia and Festival malls, making their delicious barbecue meals more accessible to a wider range of customers.

“We are pleased and excited to bring the best barbecue dining experience to new markets, and will continue to work very hard to develop an organization that aims to always keep our customers happy and satisfied,” says Frank Reyes, Founder CEO of Reyes Barbecue.

Festival Mall

Robinson Magnolia
The new stores feature fresh interior designs that encourage family bonding and enjoyment. They also show the brand’s latest “Yes, Yes, Yes, ReYES!”commercial. New crew uniforms, new packaging designs, and the latest new product “Grilled Fish Barbecue Meal” – skewered fish fillet marinated in a special sauce and grilled to perfection, served with the delicious Java Rice, Pica-Pica Sauce and Ensaladang Talong – are also part of the evolving growth of the Reyes Barbecue stores.

Enjoy your favorite Boneless Chicken Barbecue Meal, Pork Barbecue Meal, Grilled Bangus Belly Meal, Reyes Arroz Caldo, Reyes Goto, Garlic Sotanghon, and all the other classic barbecue dishes at the Reyes Barbecue store nearest you!

For customer feedback, inquiries and information, please log on to www.reyesbarbcue.NET, email, text 09178684305, or call 7257502. Barbecue. Peanut Sauce. Java Rice. Best way to go!

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