Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Marriott Café sizzles with it’s Newest Teppanyaki Station

Japanese Cuisine is well loved by many because its classic culinary appeal is incomparable to anywhere in the world. The Japanese station is one of the most visited station in any buffet.

Among the large variety of dishes and regional specialties of the Japanese cuisine, I came to love sushi and maki and beside these delicious dishes, Marriott Café now sizzles with it’s newest Teppanyaki Station for buffet dinner which still priced P1750 net.

Marriott Café’s Teppanyaki station offers only the freshest and meaty choices of seafood, fish, pork and chicken, grilled to perfection. Executive Chef Meik Brammer makes everything tastier and satisfying in all aspects from the grill to the plate.

 Derived from the word “teppan” or iron plate, this side of the buffet is loaded with the following choices: Gyuniko (diced beef tenderloin with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Tori (diced chickem with vegetable in teppanyaki sauce); Shake Teppanyaki (teppan salmon fillet with vegetable in special sauce); and Kaisen (mixed seafood with vegetable is sweet and spicy garlic sauce).

 It was my first time to try Marriott Café’s Teppanyaki Station and I tried a combo dish. I mixed everything possible, I got Gyuniko, Tori and Kaisen.

 The special Teppanyaki sauce made the dish so full of flavour and tasty to the last piece. I liked my beef well done, the chicken, and squid was perfectly cooked also. The vegetables were a perfect compliment to the meat. I really love my meal, I was even tempted to make another one.

 You can convert it to a complete meal too by adding rice whipped up with meat sauce and spices, where in the mixing results to an aromatic golden brown color.

 While Teppanyaki is the new star section of Marriott Café, the thoughtful daily dinner menu in the buffet from appetizer to dessert can never be left behind in its execution—leaving the choices and great memories almost endless! I would recommend also the fruits dessert station.

I just love the selection of fruits available, compliments to each meal Marriott has to offer. I can't wait for another exciting gastronomic night at Marriott Cafe!

Marriott Cafe
Marriott Hotel Manila, Resorts World Manila

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  1. Wow! I didn't know Marriott has a new Teppanyaki Station. Will try this out on our next visit to RW :)