Monday, March 5, 2012

Sharetea is now in the Philippines!

For months now, the Milk Tea craze has been taking the metro by storm. Everywhere you go, you will see a food cart or a milk tea store. During breaks or even after dinner the new “after dinner chit chat” would be in a cafe or store, sipping Milk Tea. I have tried some of the talked about Milk Teas, (Serenitea, Chatime, Gongcha to name a few) and just recently I have learned that one of my fave tea store in HK, ShareTea, is finally here in the Philippines!

ShareTea, first opened its store in Wilson, Greenhills and shortly followed by the store in Pioneer, Pasig. 

This is my Taiwan Roasted Melon in HK, similar to Wintermelon w/jelly strips here in PH
When I was in HK, my fave was Taiwan Roasted Melon Tea, it is sweet and very refreshing if you would asked me. When Angel and I went to Pioneer branch, I couldn’t find my drink. The closest to the taste of Taiwan Roasted Melon was their Wintermelon with jelly strips.

My Ice Blended Strawberry and Angel's Wintermelon

I ordered one of the highly recommended Ice Blend Series, Ice Blended Strawberry with Lychee de Coco, it’s simply like a strawberry shake with nata strips. I love it!

Pics from ShareTea Website

These are some of their highly recommended drinks.
ShareTea drinks are all fresh, natural and healthy. The drinks are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and have no additives and artificial flavouring or coloring.

ShareTea Delivers!
Wilson, Greenhills - 727 8888
Pioneer, Pasig - 654 5555

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  1. I always pass by the Wilson branch going to Tea Tap cafe which is my usual tea hangout. I can't wait to find out if their unique drinks are any good =)