Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eats Asia 3: Thrice as Delish


Everybody loves to eat, but not everybody can cook, like me. Good thing there are cookbooks, recipe books, and cooking TV shows. Good thing there is Asian Food Channel, the region’s first 24-hour food channel dedicated to airing the best food and lifestyle programming from around the region and the world. 

I was invited to attend an event that showcases the best in Asian Food fare and feast in Avenue Hall, Makati last August 13, 2011. 
Eats Asia 3: Thrice as Delish is an annual event and this year is hosted by Asian Food Channel and is partnered by country's # 1 cable provider, SKY Cable.


The appetizing culinary and food expo this year was participated in by renowned and respected culinary schools in the country, GCIC (Chinese dishes), Institute of Culinary Arts and Food Service (Korean dishes) CSB ( Vietnamese dishes), MOST Institute (Japanese dishes), Enderun and CCA (Filipino dishes).   

The different schools prepared sumptuous dishes, depending on their assigned country, for the guests. It was a fun food expo as the guests explored and really had to journey from one “country” to another to have their food stubs signed and of course taste the dish. Once completed, the food stub turns into raffle stubs. Sadly though, I did not win. 

The event was hosted by Karen Pamintuan and together with Bjorn Ching.
We also witnessed cooking demos from world distinguished chefs, including Chef Laudico’s very own, Chef Jackie Laudico.

There was a Gyudon Eating contest before the event finished. The first batch of candidates are from the guests to which Angel joined. The candidates will eat the Gyudon and first to finish will be the winner. The second and third batch came from the students in the participating schools. 

Besides from the schools that prepared delectable dishes, the guests also experienced mouth-watering savories, sweets and thirst quenchers from Chef Laudico, Adobo Republic, Coffee Beaner, Yoshinoya, Nestle D Lite Cream, and Nestea – all for free!  The event was supported by BDO, Selecta, San Marino, Lady’s Choice, Knorr, Cusinart, Fax Parcel N Print and Bannaple.

I truly enjoyed a one of a kind culinary celebration. Eats Asia 3: Thrice as Delish absolutely captures Asia, with the AFC flare!

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