Thursday, June 9, 2011

Always a Feast in Blackbeard's Seafood Island

This is a super late post. I have been so busy lately that’s why I haven’t had the time to sit down and reminisce the feast we had celebrated at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island.

The name says it all, you will feast on the best seafood dishes in town, you name it, they have it. From fish, to shrimps, to mussels and even to crabs! We were informed that we will have a sumptuous lunch, we were not informed that it would be this spectacular.

We were greeted by a very colorful place and ambiance. The interiors let’s you feel you are in an island and your stay will be exciting. The staff is also very accommodating, from the moment we arrived until we left the place. 

PICA PICA – also known as appetizer, but when the pica-pica’s came.. it was more like ulam already for us. Take a look.

Pinoy Nachos (165p) this is the first to serve, I love this already. Kinda like eating prawns crackers but made special because of the toppings and sauce! It is also good enough for everybody, comes in a very huge serving.

Tuna and Crabmeat Sisig (250p) A different take on your usual sisig, it’s spicy! 

Crispy Sisig con Bagnet (195p) Crispy Sisig is always a favorite! Made special because of the crispy chicharon or bagnet. Just looking at the picture made me crave for one!

Garlic and Cheese Overload Oysters (295p) This is the first plate to be swiped out. Sinfully good! I love the cheese overload! 

Enseladang Urdaneta (175p) For healthy living guest, I present you the pick-me-veggie plate. The green veggies (Okra, talong, kangkong) are all steamed and is perfect with itlog na maalat!     

San Mig Clams (175p) First seen and tasted here! I like soup before my meal, but beer before my meal? It’s something too awesome not to try. I loved the taste of the soup! The broth was combined by san mig and it was perfect to my taste buds.

Let’s do the Liempo (185p) let you mind create imagination with this deep fried liempo dipped in tasty sauce with colorful strips of veggies.

Prawns in Butter Garlic (425p) This is my must order everytime I eat in a seafood resto. Seafood resto will never be a seafood resto without ordering Prawns!

Shakes! (95-105p) I love my Four Seasons Shake! Some shakes depends on the availability and season.

Whew! That my friend is the end of the Pica Pica that was served, to which we all thought that everything was served. But wait there’s more! And when I say more, I mean MORE!

Behold, the BOODLE FEAST – also known as big serving, group serving, a combination of almost all their seafood offerings in one HUGE kawayan plate.

Sampler de Grande (685p) It’s a sampler dish made grande! Most of the servings are grilled, there’s crab, prawns, liempo, black marlin, enseladang mangga ang salted eggs.

Tali Beach Boodle (1150p) We all oggle when we saw the main dish we should try. It almost consists of everything! The rice was a surprise. Awhile ago, during the pica pica, some ordered rice because we weren’t given rice and yet we all thought the pica pica’s are already the ulam. Haha!

Pork Barbecue (220p) Simple as it if, always a crowd’s favorite.

Crispy Dinuguan Classic (290p) the dish is different for all other dinuguan’s I have ever tasted. Being a dinuguan lover (it’s my favorite) I love new style of preparing a crispy dinuguan. This one is made different because the crispiness lies on the isaw like topping of the dish.

Lapu Lapu (999p med & 1399p Large) I believed the one that was served to us was the large one. It was wow! 

Pakbet de Vigan with Bagnet (240p) Baket Pakbet! It rhymes, haha! The combination of crispy liempo plus the veggie is just right. My mom and dad loved this!

2nd Floor (320p) Combination is exciting sweets such as palitaw, riped mango, turon, and crispy suman and ofcourse vanilla ice cream!

It was more than sumptuous for us. We were really full to the brim. I even had to take home some of the clean and untouched left overs. Enjoyed my lunch with other bloggers. Thanks Red Crab and Alex for the invitation. Stay tuned for yet another food adventure!

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island
2/F Corte De Las Palmas
Alabang Town Center

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