Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Yoshinoya's Chicken Teriyaki

I am on tipid mode at the start of the year because, madaming gastos last holiday and so before I watched Tanging Ina I decided to have dinner first. I rummaged thru my wallet and check my budget for dinner, I was gonna go again with the P39 Jollibee Burger Steak when I realized I still have GC's :) Hooray for GC's it saves you from spending. I order Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl because it cost P100, exactly the amount of my GC.

I had all the chicken and veggies separated from the rice.

Chicken Teriyaki
If you noticed the Chicken and Rice is separated. I just don't want to eat them altogether, kinda messy for me at that time. And I noticed that if you have it separated, mas madaming veggies and rice nila ^_^ Cool.

Side veggies

Teriyaki and Rice sauce

Rice Bowl

This meal for only P100. Nice. Busog.

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