Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bigoli @ SM North Annex

Have you ever tried sitting down and eating almost all the kinds of pasta that was laid before you? Well, that happened to me awhile ago. I was invited with a couple more food bloggers for a lunch treat at Bigoli's SM North Annex. The new branch just opened last February 26, 2009. It's an Italian restaurant that offers wide variety of pasta and pizza. For our lunch awhile ago here the best picks that was laid for us to gobble.

The first two pasta was Spaghetti Bolognese and Fetucine Alfredo.

Next in line, Lasagna.

Three more pasta came, Spicy Chicken, Melted Beef and Pesto.

After all the pasta, Pepperoni Classico was served. I love thin crust pizzas!

Their Italian Chicken is a must try.

The appetizer, which came in almost on the last part of our meal, was Stromboli Bacon.
It's bread with bacon bits inside!

Three cakes for dessert was served to cap the lunch treat.
(Turtle Cheesecake, Tiramisu, Tre Latte respectively)
They also have Gelato but that's going to be a separate blog.

It's a pasta overload for me today. Their pasta ranges from 70-100p single serving, but their single serving for me is good for 2pax already. Their Pizza per slice costs less than a hundred and 500p plus for the whole pizza. Their Italian Chicken is around 235p for 4pcs already. Oh for the drinks, its refillable and self service choose between sodas and juice. If you want to go cheap Italian, try Bigoli's. Their Trinoma branch is the 4th flr near the cinemas and their SM branch is at the 2nd flr SM North Annex. They are open from 9am-9pm mon-fri and til 10pm during weekends.

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